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Store Policy

Customer Care

We began as a group of people who simply love to smell great and love the skin we're in! With that being said we've spent hundreds of dollars in stores looking for great perfumes, colognes, body sprays, and washes. Though there are some great products on the market the price point for these items was high and some of the ingredients used in them were a bit questionable. Therefore Virtuous 31:13 was born from the idea that smelling good and feeling great should be affordable and not made with dangerous chemicals. 


So we encourage you to try us out for yourselves. See if we can meet your expectations. You get to choose your container, your color, your fragrances, add shimmer if you'd like and then choose which closure you would like on your container. This is body care your way. So be Bold, be Beautiful but most importantly be Virtuous!

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy is our concern. We want you to know that Virtuous 31:13 will not share your personal information. No personal information is saved or kept for use by V3113 or any employee of this company. No information may or will be shared with anyone unless by written request of proven authorities. 


No E-mail Addresses, Names, Card Information, Phone Numbers or Addresses will be saved, shared or used by any employee of V3113 and may only be shared at the written and proven request of proper authorities for lawful purposes only. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Depending upon amount purchase wholesale prices may be available. If you are interested in the redistribution of our product please fill out the form on our contact page and let us know what products you are interested in redistributing.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards