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Where The Virtue Started

Virtuous 31:13 was started with huge dreams and little money, to be honest. A group of people who loved fragranced sprays but each had our own gripes about it. Some didn't like paying $18 a bottle while others would pay it simply because they hated waiting for a sale once or twice a year. I myself have sensitive skin so that alone forced me to have to make a product that catered to my personal needs. With that in mind Virtuous 31:13 was born!


Each product is hand made to order with love and designed with care. Each bottle we ship is a guaranteed homemade cream, spray, wash or candle. Not only that even our custom wine glasses are handcrafted and designed to order.


We can also say that each bottle our products are shipped in will be hand designed just to add that little touch of Virtue and as a special way of saying thank you by making sure that the bottle your product arrives in will have it's own unique touch, along with a thank you note from the one who filled your order.


If you have skin like me and maybe fragrance is not your thing just let us know in an email before you order and we will craft your body cream to tailor you. Whatever your budget, whatever your scent, whatever your style we have something for you! That's not just a saying that's a matter of Virtue. So we invite you to join us in not only smelling great but also to Be Bold, Be Beautiful and always Be virtuous!